Summer look: why combining denim and Peruvian designs is a good option?

[: es] Denim is a fabric that will never go out of style and almost all women keep it in mind in their closets, be it in the traditional blue jean, a jacket, blouse or wallet. The ways of wearing it are diverse, but, combined with designs and textiles with 100% Andean essence, the proposal changes and turns towards a style that you cannot stop wearing in summer.

Del Águila assures that “it can be combined with a casual and basic outfit, generating trend and marking an unusual and comfortable style that can be worn for a day at the beach, brunch, lunch, after office outings, among others”, that is why His most recent collection ‘Arena’ includes it in wallets where it is mixed with Andean looms that, being so versatile and colorful, are easy to join. In addition, they help spread our culture, traditions and ancient fabrics.

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Photo: Aclla Boutique. [: En] Denim is a never get old-fashion fabric and almost all women have it in their closet either in the traditional blue jeans, a coat, blouse or purse. There are so many ways of wearing it, but matching it with designs and textiles with 100% Andean essent, the goal changes and turns into a style that you’d never stop wearing on summer.

Del Águila says: “It can be combined between a casual and basic clothe, to make trends marking non usual and comfortable style that can be worn for a beach day, brunch, lunches, after-office meetings, and others”, that’s why MANTA’s latest collection ‘Arena’ includes denim purses where it’s mixed with looms that are so versatile and easy to find. Helping to spread our culture, traditions and fabrics.

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Photo: Aclla Boutique[:]

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