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Agenda in black and brown leather with Andean loom


Agenda in camel synthetic patent leather and Andean loom

S/260.00 S/182.00

Agenda in mustard leather with pink patent leather

S/110.00 S/82.50

Andean loom keychain with beige leather


Bag in carved patent leather with loom detail from Cusco

S/260.00 S/182.00

Bag in drill and Peruvian loom

S/320.00 S/224.00

Bag in patent leather and Peruvian loom

S/260.00 S/182.00

Bag in suede leather and Cusco loom

S/450.00 S/315.00

Bag with denim and Peruvian loom

S/400.00 S/280.00

Bio leather passport holder brown color


Black bio leather wallet with closure and Andean loom detail

S/100.00 S/75.00

Black fabric trapeze handbag with Peruvian loom

S/180.00 S/126.00

Black leather case and loom

S/120.00 S/90.00

Black PU bag with Cusco loom detail


Black textile bag with Peruvian loom handles

S/240.00 S/168.00