Andean essence handbag

Arletti del Águila,designer and founder of the Manta brand, she travels all over Peru selecting the most outstanding looms for making portfolios and accessories that keep the ancient art of weavers alive. The result: innovative, modern models that are beginning to set a trend in the capital.

The bags and wallets are the ideal touch of a good outfit, since they mark a different style in the office, to attend a meeting or a casual dinner. Depending on the collection, each product is made by joining the looms with denim, jute, bio leather and leather; recycled fabrics and natural dyes are also used, thus maintaining its commitment to respect the environment. Its product lines have the Marca Peru quality seal and also offer a vegan line with PETA certification.

Its concept is a passion for art and a tribute to the Peruvian heritage shown on artisan looms and textiles by skilled artisans from different Andean communities. For this reason, the company continues to grow in our country and presented at the opening of its store located at the Hotel Los Delfines in San Isidro, its new collection called “Arena”.

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