A passion for Peruvian culture in portfolios

The renowned brand of handbags and accessories that unites the art of Peruvian looms with avant-garde designs, opens its first store in San Isidro and presents a new “Arena” collection

Manta, by the designer and founder Arletti del Águila, opened its first store in San isidro. Likewise, Arletti travels all over Peru selecting the most outstanding looms for making portfolios and accessories that keep the ancient art of weavers alive. On this occasion, he presented his new collection called “Arena”, inspired by Peruvian culture, his passion for art and for the traditions of our country.

An exclusive differentiator is that Manta products are unique and unrepeatable because they contain applications of handmade looms. The bags and wallets are the ideal touch of a good outfit, since they mark a different style in the office, to attend a meeting or a casual dinner. Depending on the collection, each product is made by joining the looms with denim, jute, bio leather and leather; recycled fabrics and natural dyes are also used, thus maintaining its commitment to respect the environment. Its product lines have the Marca Peru quality seal and also offer a vegan line with PETA certification (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). The Peta certification is a certificate that is granted to companies whose products and ingredients are not tested on animals.

In this regard, Arletti del Águila Díaz comments: “I am very happy to be able to open a Manta store in San Isidro, since it allows us to be closer to our clients and thus offer them a unique selection of handbags and accessories that we design with great care, inspired by this ancient art of the weavers of our wonderful country ”. He also stressed that the person who uses a Manta purse or accessory is being the way to continue spreading the art of the Peruvian loom.

It should be noted that the Manta store is located at the Hotel Los Delfines– calle Los Eucaliptos 555, San Isidro.

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